Internet Radio Podcast Discusses Problems of Trust in Your Marriage or Dating Relationships

Once again it was a pleasure to be on Relationships 360, the weekly Blogtalk Radio Show hosted by Tiffany Williams-Jallow.

This time the topic was trust.  The hour goes by so fast that we could only begin to talk about:  defining trust, how childhood attachments and family life can shape later relationship security, partner choice and repeated patterns, what you and your partner expect of one another in dating and in marriage, how social media can create boundary problems while also giving opportunities to learn, infidelity and ways to work on restoring trust after it has been violated, improving communications to have better openness and transparency, and how to guard against falling-back to old patterns.  This conversation could have continued in so many different directions.   Feel free to listen here:

BlogTalk Radio -- Tiffany Williams-Jallow with Carl Hindy, Ph.D. -- On Trust Issues